Welcome to the Waterloo Region Walking School Bus!

Brought to you by the Waterloo Regional Block Parent® Program and the Canadian Cancer Society

We are proud to announce that the Waterloo Regional Block Parent® Program has partnered with the Canadian Cancer Society to bring you the Waterloo Region Walking School Bus!

The Walking School Bus is an organized system of walking children to school together under the supervision of police-screened and trained adult volunteers called, WALK LEADERS. Like a regular school bus, the Walking School Bus follows a planned and safe route with scheduled stops.

This program is supported by: Waterloo Region Student Transportation Services, Region of Waterloo Active and Safe Routes to School, and Waterloo Region Police Services.

The Block Parents’ role in this initiative is to Recruit, Screen and Train volunteers to become WALK LEADERS. The Cancer Society’s role is to assist in implementing the Walking School Bus in schools across the Region.

How To Become a Walk Leader:

  • Volunteers will register on the Canadian Cancer Society Walking School Bus website. https://walkingschoolbus.cancer.ca/
  • The volunteer will receive an email from the school they want to volunteer for. This school is called their “Home School”.
  • The volunteer will be asked to apply for a FREE Police Vulnerable Sectors Check.
  • The volunteer will then be screened by the Waterloo Regional Block Parent® Program.
  • Once screening is complete, the volunteer will receive an email from their Home School to arrange training and orientation.

For more information on becoming a WALK LEADER, email wrwsb@blockparents.ca

For more information on the Waterloo Region Walking School Bus visit the Cancer Society at https://walkingschoolbus.cancer.ca/ or email wsb@ontario.cancer.ca

Benefits for Children

  • When walking to school, children will experience the immediate benefits of increased physical activity and become more aware of active travel as an enjoyable mode of transportation.
  • By walking through their community to school, children will also become more familiar with their surroundings; will learn road safety skills; and will build their confidence and improve their ability to be more physically active in other aspects of their everyday lives.

Benefits to the School and the Community

  • Reduced traffic congestion around schools
  • Improved air quality due to reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Enhanced neighbourhood safety
  • Greater sense of community

Benefits to the Volunteer

  • Become more physically active
  • Socialize with other members of the community
  • Be of service to young families
  • Contribute to a healthy, active and safe community

Become a WALK LEADER today!