What is the

Block Parent Program?

The Waterloo Regional Block Parent Program is a community-building child-safety program that helps encourage school-aged children to feel safe and secure in their neighborhoods.

Since 1977, community members have volunteered to become Block Parents by placing the familiar red and white Block Parent sign in the window of their home. The sign indicates that a screened, trained, kind and caring adult is available to make a phone call if a child knocks on their door and needs help. After the phone call is made, the Block Parent will create a temporary safe refuge outside on the front porch and wait with the child until help arrives

Block Parents are required to complete the Block Parent Application, along with two references; to provide a clear Police Vulnerable Sectors Check; and are screened and trained using Canada’s Safe Steps Screening Process. With this thorough screening, parents can feel confident that their child can safely knock on a Block Parent door if they need help.


What are Block Parents?

Block Parents are BUILDERS!

BUILDERS of Community;

BUILDERS of Safe Spaces;

BUILDERS of Independent Children!

How to Become a Block Parent?

To receive an Information Package about Becoming a Block Parent, please complete the Contact Form below and our Block Parent Coordinator will email you asap.