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Waterloo Regional Block Parent Program on CKWR 98.5 Real Community Radio

The Waterloo Regional Block Parent Program wants to help you BUILD your COMMUNITY! Be a Block Parent by Building Safer Communities, One Block at a Time!

Block Parents Program: Still Here, Still Needed, Still Working!

The Waterloo Regional Block Parent Program is working with partners to broaden the scope of programs available in the Region to create safe, connected, and engaged neighbourhoods. The Waterloo Regional Block Parent Program is collaborating with the Canadian Cancer Society and Student Transportation Services of Waterloo Region to provide opportunities for elementary…

Why we should design our streets with walkability in mind

You may have seen them in Waterloo Region this month: fluorescent vests bookending a line of backpack wearing kids on their way to school. The people wearing the vests are walking school bus volunteers. Walking school buses are just like regular school buses but instead of a big yellow bus stopping to pick kids up along the way, it’s volunteers walking a set school route with “stops” along the way…

October is International Walk to School Month

In Waterloo Region, many schools are stepping up to the challenge of getting children more active by introducing the Waterloo Region Walking School Bus program in their school. In 2018, eight schools in Waterloo Region launched this program, and more are set to join this school year…

Block Parents makes a comeback in Pointe-Claire

Tara Stainforth and Christine Latreille both grew up in the West Island in the 1980s and remember Block Parents fondly. Back in those days, many children walked to and from school and it was Block Parents familiar red-and-white signs in the windows of houses along the way that helped make children feel safe and gave parents peace of mind.

Being a Block Parent is a good way to give back to the community

The Waterloo Regional Block Parent provides children, seniors, and others a place to receive assistance if they became lost, frightened, or face additional troubles.

Tara Mondou Block Parent Chair on Rogers Daytime Waterloo Region

Children are more active, creative, independent and street smart because of child safety initiatives like the Block Parent Program.

Block Parents makes a comeback in Pointe-Claire

Community of volunteers to offer safe haven to children and elderly in times of emergency. Those popular red and white signs in people’s windows in the 80s and 90s are coming back to the West Island with the return of Block Parent in Pointe Claire

Fort St. John mom trying to revive Block Parent Program in B.C.

 Fort St. John woman is asking for her town’s support to help revive the Block Parent program.
“We need a stronger sense of community. We need to feel like we have each other’s back,” said Valerie Coe, who presented a proposal to local politicians on Monday.
“Putting those Block Parent signs out, I hope that people are going realize that their kids are not alone. It’s not even just for kids, it’s also for elders or anyone who is at risk.”

Zwambag We lost the village

I have these memories. I am five and six years old. I know this because I was school-aged and by the time I was seven, my family had moved to our new home in Alberta from the Saskatchewan town that I still consider my roots.
I have a bike. I have two feet. And I have a lot of freedom…

West Island mothers meet with Block Parent Montreal

MONTREAL Mothers in the West Island are serious about bringing back the Block Parent program. Some might remember the iconic program from their childhood. The Block Parent sign in participants windows is meant to let children know the house is safe to approach when help is needed.

Tara Mondou Block Parent Chair on Rogers Daytime Waterloo Region

This latest Daytime interview with Waterloo Blockparent chair Tara Mondou and Volunteer Coordinator Jeanean Thomas

Bubble-wrapped kids’ danger

In an age when parents are so protective of their kids and may be reluctant to teach a child to seek help from a stranger, Lori Worozbyt wondered if the Block Parent program is as necessary now as it used to be. Worozbyt applied to become a Block Parent last June and received the program’s familiar red and white display sign for her window earlier this month.

Whitby Block Parent program saved

A strong sense of community spirit is what drew Andrea Kennedy and her family to Whitby when they decided to move here two years ago.

Lion's Club Santa Claus Parade 2010

On November 20th, 2010 the Waterloo Regional Block Parent Program was proud to participate in that year’s Lion’s Club Santa Claus Parade in Kitchener Waterloo

Thanks to all our volunteers who walked in the parade, to the children who handed out pamphlets and candy canes, to the strong guys holding up our banner, and a special thanks to the members of our committee who pulled the whole thing together!

We’re proud of our program and the members of our organization for ensuring today’s event went off without a hitch!