To become a Block Parent, volunteers must complete a BLOCK PARENT APPLICATION FORM

All residents (18 years and older) must apply for a Waterloo Region Police Services (WRPS), Police Vulnerable Sector Check WRPS PVSC APPLICATION

NEW! Waterloo Region Police Services will now EMAIL completed PVSCs to volunteers. Your privacy is protected using WRPS’s Electronic Identity Verification Process and Equifax eIDverifier

Apply for a FREE on-line Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC)

  • Go to “Begin Record Check” at WRPS PVSC APPLICATION, create an account and login (note, check your junk mail for Creation Code sent by WRPS)
  • Be prepared to provide your Social Insurance Number
  • Under Job Title, type: Block Parent
  • Under Details, type: Placing phone call in case of emergency
  • Under Volunteer Agency, type: Waterloo Regional Block Parent Program
  • Under Agency Code, type the CODE with no spaces. Email and request the CODE to ensure PVSC is FREE
  • Attach/upload a Volunteer Agency Letter PVSC REQUEST FORM
  • Under “Organization” type: Block Parent Program to receive your PVSC free of charge.
  • Police Services will email you a completed PVSC
  • Need help? Email WRPS at or call 519-570-9777, extension 8900. Responses will be received Monday to Friday 8am – 4pm (excluding Statutory Holidays).
  • Be sure to read WRPS’s “New On-Line Service FAQs” for answers to your questions regarding PVSCs

Forward/email all Police Vulnerable Sector Checks and your completed Block Parent Application to  OR print and mail directly to: Waterloo Regional Block Parent Program 425 Hespeler Road, Suite 413 Cambridge ON N1R 8J6

Upon receipt and approval of your Block Parent application and all PVSCs, a representative from the Block Parent Program will contact you to set up a convenient time for your training and orientation session. The brief 30-minute training and orientation session will be conducted in your home. Our representative will ensure the suitability of your home, the visibility of the Block Parent sign, and that there is a clear understanding of the responsibilities of the Block Parent.

  • Block Parents are required to apply for a new PVSC every two years;
  • And update the Block Parent application if there are any changes

*A note on Finger Printing

You may be requested to submit fingerprints for three reasons:

  1. You have not provided acceptable identification
  1. You have a criminal record and have requested a record check
  1. Your date of birth and gender match that of a person listed in the pardoned sex offender list and fingerprints are required to determine identity

Applicants who are impacted will receive a phone call from the police service explaining the steps that must be followed for their PVSC to be completed. They will be required to make an appointment to have their fingerprints taken. Fingerprints will then be submitted to the RCMP to confirm or refute the potential match. It should be noted that a potential match can result from a person having the same gender and date of birth as a known offender which in nearly all cases will be ruled out by a fingerprint comparison.

Please contact Waterloo Region Police Services for more information on Finger Printing.


Thank you for your interest in Becoming a Block Parent, Building Safer Communities, One Block at a Time!