What is a Block Parent?

A Block Parent is an adult volunteer who has been Police and Block Parent screened, has been trained, and who has received a registered Block Parent Sign. The Block Parent sign is placed in a front facing window of the Block Parent home. The sign indicates that an adult is available to answer the door to a child, or any community member, who needs assistance. The Block Parent can offer assistance by calling a parent, family member or emergency service. The Block Parent sign shows the community that a caring adult is available, that children are encouraged to visit the Block Parent home if they need assistance, and acts as a deterrent to possible crime in the neighbourhood.

Who May Become A Block Parent®?
Any responsible citizen over the age of 18 years who has been screened by the Waterloo Regional Block Parent® Program including Volunteer Canada’s Safe Steps Screening Program and who has obtained a Police Records Check can become a Block Parent.

Is There Much Work Involved?
No! It will not alter your lifestyle or make demands on your time. When you are at home and able to answer the door to someone requiring assistance, simply display the sign in a window visible from the street. If a child is bothered by a stranger or a bully, is sick or hurt or lost, they know the sign means a “SAFE ADULT” is there to offer help.

How Often Are Block Parent® Homes Used?
Some homes may never be used while others will be used several times. Each year, over 1,000 Block Parents from coast to coast are called upon to help. Remember that the Block Parent sign acts as a deterrent to most troublemakers; hence, the more signs on display, the safer your community will be.

I’m Never Home, How Can I Help?
This is the ideal volunteer position for a busy person like yourself. You can provide a valuable service to your community without having to make a special effort to do so. Simply put your sign in the window when you are available.

Do I have To Let Strangers Into My Home?
No! You do not have to let anyone into your home if you think they may threaten you or your family. Information can be exchanged through a locked door if necessary and the appropriate telephone call made.

When I Take My Sign Down Does That Indicate That We Are Not Home?
Definitely not! A sign removed from view does not necessarily mean that no one is home. There are many times when the volunteer is home, but does not want to be “on duty,” so the sign does not have to be on display.

What Is The Senior Block Parent® Program?
While the Block Parent Program was primarily designed for children, our network of safe homes can also be used by seniors in times of distress, If you feel ill, vulnerable, distressed or lost while in your community, simply look for a house displaying the red and white Block Parent sign.

What Is The Business Block Parent® Program?
The purpose of this very worthwhile program is to provide more approved “safe location” in a concentrated business section of a community